Industrial Engineer with a passion for Computer Literacy and Programming value added solutions and innovations.

About me

I am a Systems Engineer with years of experience in ETL operations (Extraction, Translation, and Loading) and data pipelines and have experience in Python, Java, C++, Golang, VB.Net, and C#.Net. I hold a Master degree in Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech University. I am passionate about problem-solving and utilizing technology to improve efficiency and productivity.

My Skills


In business and engineering, new product development covers the complete process of bringing a new product to market.


Business development entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations.


Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet success criteria at the time.


Agile is a repetitive approach to project delivery. Your team delivers multiple smaller steps from the start, instead of delivering everything at the end.

Work Experience

System Engineer

Lockheed-Martin / November 2021 - Present

Serves as "Task-Meister" for internal Source of Truth Repository and Engineering Aide. Designs and implements ETL functions and scripts alongside GUI functionaries to support the various roles that utilize and provide their expertise to internal VBA and Python backed database M2D2. Provides support for "boots on the ground" team members through providing quality of life improvements


Lockheed-Martin / January 2019 - November 2021

Drafted and deployed GUI's to better simplify recursive and repetitive tasks with contractual requirements for inner-team documentation and efficiency generators. Undertook established systematic release of sensitive data payloads using private data channeled for both adhoc and scheduled data deliveries.


Jacobs: Energy, Chemical and Resources / May - August 2018

Refined and simplified database BE migration efforts between in-house OEM system's and newly defined schema's maintaining parallel updates to both during integration testing and deployment. Worked with exports from Primevera P6 and other scheduling utilities and maintained alignment to excel trapped data inputs and comments.


Kimberly-Clark / May -December 2017

Designed, executed, and implemented time study research on machinery failures and causes using Pareto Analysis. Enabled enhancement on existing reports and their generation through VBA implementation and refinement along with data connections through ODBC for dynamic relational database backed dashboards.


Master's of Computer and Information Technology (MCIT)

University of Pennsylvania / Spring 2021 - Spring 2023

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Texas Tech University: Whitacre College of Engineering Cum Laude / 2014 - 2018


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